Introducing Michael’s on Main Sarasota, Florida location

Newly opened in April 2014, Michael's on Main in Sarasota is an Art & Fashion Fusion, featuring both a fine art gallery and signature fashion styles. This Florida location at 1484 Main St. is situated in the heart of Sarasota's vibrant shopping and dining district.

Florida with over 1,350 miles of coastline, is well-known for its sugary sand beaches. Much of "Natural Florida" remains in the working landscape of the cattle industry. Florida has 4 million acres of pastureland and 1 million acres of grazed woodland. Florida has more than 500,000 horses and over 900 horse farms, ranking #3 in the US. Florida's equine champions are known all over the world.
At Michael's on Main in Canon City, Western cultural influences are predominant in both the Art & fashion. The diverse nature of Florida, spanning from coastal beaches to sprawling ranches, is embraced at the Sarasota location, which merges theWestern and Gulf coast influences, as seen in both the artwork & the fashion. The boutique ranges in styles from a casual western look with designer jeans & Old Gringo boots to the bold, colorful designs of TaTa Jolie from Brazil. Classic styles from Insight & Samuel Dong offer further diversity. Holding true to the philosophy of Fashion as an Art, Michael's presents the unique & hand-made collection of elegant evening gowns & cocktail dresses by Howard Clark, atelier & native of New Orleans.
Front Section

Art is an expression of one's self. Each person should be free to break the boundaries and cultivate their own individual creativity, expressing their personal style. Art cannot be contained on a canvas, but it washes over into all forms of artistic design and expression. Fashion and art should fuse together to create and embody a person's sense of self. At Michael's, we believe that a gallery is not meant to be viewed, but experienced. We are here to assist our clients in expressing their own inner beauty, personal style, and creativity. Michael's on Main - Where Fashion is an Art and Art is Fashionable.