Fine Art Gallery & Photography Collection

The Fine Art Gallery at Michael's features a diverse collection of original artwork, photography, and exclusive art pieces in a variety of mediums. At Michael's on Main, we embrace individuality and respect our clients' personal taste and unique preferences. The Gallery offers such a diverse array of art, that discriminating collectors or art enthusiasts will be certain to find that spectacular piece that reaches out to them.

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Internal 1Michael's is proud to represent over 35 artists featuring originals and giclees of sought after works by Charles Frizzell, Tom Lockhart, and James Ayers. These renowned artists' works depict sweeping vistas of the west, capturing its rugged beauty & surreal sunsets, as well as the emotion and mysticism of Native Americans and the West. Western art is also showcased in the equine images of Phylis Waltman's original oils and the vivid colors of Rayann Orr's southwestern paintings. Other collectible originals include palate knife oils by Michael Arterburn or batik on rice paper by Carol Naylor. Original watercolors by Sharon Conner, Larry Haught, and Kristina Storey provide vibrant images.

Internal 1We believe in immersion into the world of Art and surrounding oneself with artistic creations in all forms. Unique works of art designed by Mattie O., such as her fluid Paper Mache leaves, or the intricate fabric collages created by Grace Weaver provide for an unusual, explosion of colorful wall art. Painted paper castings created by Carl Bandy offer three dimensional images of the West. The Gallery's collection is not limited solely to wall art. Exquisite art work in blown glass, pottery, wood & gourd carvings are exhibited at Michael's. The Gallery proudly presents functional art with custom metal furniture pieces by internationally known artist, Frank Seckler. The Gallery also showcases exquisite photography by Curtis Ritchie and Reb Badcock with wildlife images and spectacular scenery.

Internal 1The Gallery features a 20 foot high, butterfly wall, which welcomes guests to ascend to a world of color and artistic interpretation. The “Butterfly Wall”, is just one of the many images created by the Gallery’s namesake, Michael Gould, a fine art photographer. Michael is well-known for his uncanny ability to capture the extraordinary essence and serene beauty of nature. His limited edition photograph “A Path Less Traveled”, was selected for the Christmas Gift Guide featured in Cowboys and Indians magazine. Michael Gould's mesmerizing images can be selected in a variety of finishes and printed to the image size of your choice from entire walls printed on wall paper (like the butterfly wall) to 4 foot images depicting deep liquid colors with metallic or crystalline finishes to smaller prints creating a collage, like his collection of “Windows to the World”.

An Extensive Selection of Artwork is Available to View and Purchase on Our Website. Our Gallery Associates are extremely knowledgeable and willing to assist you in your selection. Please contact us via email or call directly to 719-276-2233, then press #4 to speak with a Gallery Associate